So Many Choices Makes Life More Complicated

I’ve been trying to plan a trip to Arizona and the options are overwhelming. I could drive or fly, or rent a car here and drive that. Certain nights I need to stay at a hotel and others with friends, but which hotel when there are so many in the area? Do any of them offer airport pick-up and drop off, and/or will they drop me off at the convention center? Where do I want to go when I am there and who should I see? It took me several hours yesterday to review all of my options. It made me wonder if some people just give up at a certain point. The internet has created so many options that it’s almost overwhelming. We are becoming a society that is paralyzed by choices. It hasn’t made life easier, but more complicated.

On the one hand, it’s nice to have options and choices, but how do we decide which ones we are best suited for? This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this and I am sure it won’t be the last. I imagine with the internet and development of Web 2.0 these choices will only become greater in number. Which won’t simplify our lives, but will make them more complicated.

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Doctoral Topic for Project Chosen

This morning, I sat down and mapped out my doctoral thesis project that will take 1 1/2 years to complete. I won’t begin my project until February, but it’s a huge relief to have a topic now. It’s amazing everything that needs to be taken into consideration. After I’ve flushed it out a little better, I plan to show it to some friends who are in the target market age of the project and hope to gain a broader perspective. Then I’d like to send it to the mentor I think I will ask to be my committee chair to get her opinion. If she seems excited about it and can give me some direction, then I will ask her. If not, I have another person in mind. I am fortunate enough to have four mentors so far at the school that I think would make for good committee members.

I should finish my classes by the beginning of next year. I completely enjoyed my classes. This whole degree has been a delight to complete. I enjoyed writing and thinking about possible business ideas, issues and their solutions. In my masters program, I also enjoyed my classes and it was the project that was extremely difficult. I hope that by getting this project idea developed more fully before I officially start it…I will have a better experience this time around. I plan to use a couple of research classes coming up to do some of the research for my project. It should be time wisely spent.

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The Universe Tries to Stop Us from Making Positive Life Changes

Yesterday, I broke my pinky toe. It was a complete break and now it just hangs off by itself. It doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think. I need to go to the orthopedic center this week to see how it will be reattached. The options don’t look great, but I’m optimistic.

Jen Sincero (You are a Badass) said that when you are trying to make changes in your life…the universe will try to do things to stop or discourage you from making those changes. This week, I dropped my hot curling iron on my face and arm and burned it, I scratched my underarm to the point that it bled and blistered, and then I broke my toe. Over the last few weeks, I feel as though I have been making significant progress towards making some changes…and then this week occurred. I believe she might be right. In her book, she said that one client had been hit by a bus during his quest for life changes.

I’ve had to adjust my thinking about how I’m going to accomplish everything I need to do, but I think I can manage it. I just need to stick to the plan and take this as it comes.

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Tapping into Source Energy Changes Your Outlook on Life

Yesterday, I didn’t feel well. I’m not sure exactly what it was but my body felt like everything was wrong. I left work early, went home made a pot of my favorite Teavana tea Carmel Almond Amaretti added some half and half, grabbed a favorite tea cup and saucer and jumped into bed. I watched a cheesy (but really good) Lifetime type Netflix movie and seemed to fall into bliss.

Something happen during this time, and I think I felt what Jen Sincero (You are a Badass) calls source energy. When it’s off…I feel terrible. It could be a lack of sleep, or improper nutrition, or just a person with bad energy that decreases it. I started feeling better, and amazingly started getting excited about life again. It was like my heart opened up and my body started responding. Today, after what seemed like a restless night of sleeping…I feel fantastic. I had no idea that I could so easily control the way I feel. Sincero describes it as being at one or peace with the source of all life. I love that idea. It not only helped my body to feel better, but also my mind and my outlook. I need to practice this everyday because it feels fantastic.

I found this blog that seems to describe it perfectly:
Vera Heart

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Make Changes to Current Home or Find a New One?

We need quite a few changes in our current home, and we’ve been going back-and-forth about whether we should try to update everything in this house, or just move to a house that has everything we need. We estimate that it would cost between $60,000 and $80,000 to make the changes in our current home. Obviously, it would be easier to find and move to a house that has everything we need. It seems like it would be cheaper to do this. But right now we have a really low interest-rate on this house and interest rates have risen considerably so buying a new home means almost doubling our interest-rate… which of course we have to take into consideration.

We’ve looked at quite a few houses over the last few weeks, and found one that might’ve worked but they were already in contract. It’s difficult to help find a house that we find is aesthetically pleasing, is the right square footage, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. I feel like we might be looking for another few years before we find the perfect house.

It sounds like the more I write about this…the more I think we just need to make the changes to the house we currently live in.

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Planning Big Life Projects

Next year, I’ll be 50. There’s so much I want to do before and after that. Typically, in the past I’ve thought about what I want shortly before I do it. My thinking has changed in that I’m starting to think about the next 10 years and after that. There’s one thing I’ve wanted to do for a few years now and it’s a big travel project. I’m giving myself roughly a year to plan it and get ready for it. I want to do this while I’m still physically able to. It’s one of those things I’d regret not doing….which tells me I have to.

Planning a big project like this takes time, money and quite a bit of forethought. But I like that kind of planning….where you have to think about every detail. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and have most of the big things thought out, but now I’ve got to settle in on the details. This is going to be fun.

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Looking at Houses

Wayne and I have been looking at houses and yesterday we put in an offer on one, but if it is accepted we will be third on the list. The owner is in contract with someone else and there is already a back-up in front of us. We saw the house when the listing was 4 days old. Apparently, things move quickly in the current real estate market.

It’s a really cute house. We realize the chances are slim that we will get a chance to do a home inspection and buy it. Ironically, it’s less expensive than what our house is currently worth. But it’s a little bit larger, is better laid out and it has most of the things we want in a house. And there’s some unfinished space in the basement for us to do what we want with it (a bathroom with a steam shower). And it’s cute…did I already say that? 🙂

For months (years?) now, I’ve been telling myself that the thought of upgrading our house is just too exhausting. But it turns out that I just didn’t want to pay for it. 🙂 It’s funny the things we tell ourselves. By buying a new house, we can use some of the equity to make changes in the new house that will make it perfect for us. We made a list with estimates of what each update would cost. It’s exciting to imagine the what ifs.

The other thing we could do is take out a second mortgage and make our house the exact way we want, but this will cost us more than if we moved into the new house. The changes we need/want are big. It would be nice to find a house that had everything we want and not have to make any changes. If this were to happen, we might just rent out the house we currently live in and buy the other one.

It’s a lot of process, but it’s exciting.

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