Working on Projects Makes me Happy

This week, I’ve spent some time thinking about a couple of projects I’d like to start, and as it turns out I have quite a few options. It’s amazing how once you start to focus on the things you can do with some spare time just how many things come to mind of what you actually want to accomplish. Amazingly, I went from feeling kind of bored with my life to being excited about how many opportunities I actually have and I’m grateful for that.

On Friday, I had my weekly call with my academic advisor at school. I’m finishing up my last few classes this year, then I’ll start my doctoral project early next year. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come up with a doctoral project topic (which is a huge relief and almost half the battle). When I switch over to the doctoral project, I’ll have a different academic advisor. My current academic advisor was speaking to that academic advisor and told her that he wished he had more students like me. Of course, I asked him why. He said that I’ve been very focused, planned how I will get things done and I don’t seem to let anything stand in my way. This is true, but I also don’t have kids that take up a lot of my time like most other students do. I can afford to be focused.

I seem to have a plan for everything. And in some way, I enjoy the process of planning. Some things work out and some don’t, but the planning process is exciting to me. It’s filled with possibilities and opportunities.

So since I’ve come up with several project ideas, I’ve decided I will focus on roughly one a month for the next few months. The projects include: researching a business idea, planning a new kitchen, writing a book, organizing a traveling project, and working on taking advantage of the travel information I received in the “travel for almost free” class I recently took. These projects should keep me busy for a long time to come.
I am excited and grateful for that.

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