Looking at Houses

Wayne and I have been looking at houses and yesterday we put in an offer on one, but if it is accepted we will be third on the list. The owner is in contract with someone else and there is already a back-up in front of us. We saw the house when the listing was 4 days old. Apparently, things move quickly in the current real estate market.

It’s a really cute house. We realize the chances are slim that we will get a chance to do a home inspection and buy it. Ironically, it’s less expensive than what our house is currently worth. But it’s a little bit larger, is better laid out and it has most of the things we want in a house. And there’s some unfinished space in the basement for us to do what we want with it (a bathroom with a steam shower). And it’s cute…did I already say that? 🙂

For months (years?) now, I’ve been telling myself that the thought of upgrading our house is just too exhausting. But it turns out that I just didn’t want to pay for it. 🙂 It’s funny the things we tell ourselves. By buying a new house, we can use some of the equity to make changes in the new house that will make it perfect for us. We made a list with estimates of what each update would cost. It’s exciting to imagine the what ifs.

The other thing we could do is take out a second mortgage and make our house the exact way we want, but this will cost us more than if we moved into the new house. The changes we need/want are big. It would be nice to find a house that had everything we want and not have to make any changes. If this were to happen, we might just rent out the house we currently live in and buy the other one.

It’s a lot of process, but it’s exciting.

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