Tapping into Source Energy Changes Your Outlook on Life

Yesterday, I didn’t feel well. I’m not sure exactly what it was but my body felt like everything was wrong. I left work early, went home made a pot of my favorite Teavana tea Carmel Almond Amaretti added some half and half, grabbed a favorite tea cup and saucer and jumped into bed. I watched a cheesy (but really good) Lifetime type Netflix movie and seemed to fall into bliss.

Something happen during this time, and I think I felt what Jen Sincero (You are a Badass) calls source energy. When it’s off…I feel terrible. It could be a lack of sleep, or improper nutrition, or just a person with bad energy that decreases it. I started feeling better, and amazingly started getting excited about life again. It was like my heart opened up and my body started responding. Today, after what seemed like a restless night of sleeping…I feel fantastic. I had no idea that I could so easily control the way I feel. Sincero describes it as being at one or peace with the source of all life. I love that idea. It not only helped my body to feel better, but also my mind and my outlook. I need to practice this everyday because it feels fantastic.

I found this blog that seems to describe it perfectly:
Vera Heart

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