Deep Cleaning Gives a Fresh Outlook on Life

Yesterday, I completely cleaned the main bedroom from top to bottom. I vacuumed the ceiling fan, the floorboards, the rug and hardwood floors, and the blinds, flipped the mattress, washed the sheets, washed the windows and all mirrors, moved out furniture I haven’t used, and installed a headboard on the bed. Then I placed the air purifier in the room for several hours. It’s beautiful and clean.

I’m exhausted today and a little sore, but there’s something therapeutic about doing a deep clean. It feels fresh. Almost as though I’m starting over with a fresh new outlook. I love it.

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Working on Projects Makes me Happy

This week, I’ve spent some time thinking about a couple of projects I’d like to start, and as it turns out I have quite a few options. It’s amazing how once you start to focus on the things you can do with some spare time just how many things come to mind of what you actually want to accomplish. Amazingly, I went from feeling kind of bored with my life to being excited about how many opportunities I actually have and I’m grateful for that.

On Friday, I had my weekly call with my academic advisor at school. I’m finishing up my last few classes this year, then I’ll start my doctoral project early next year. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come up with a doctoral project topic (which is a huge relief and almost half the battle). When I switch over to the doctoral project, I’ll have a different academic advisor. My current academic advisor was speaking to that academic advisor and told her that he wished he had more students like me. Of course, I asked him why. He said that I’ve been very focused, planned how I will get things done and I don’t seem to let anything stand in my way. This is true, but I also don’t have kids that take up a lot of my time like most other students do. I can afford to be focused.

I seem to have a plan for everything. And in some way, I enjoy the process of planning. Some things work out and some don’t, but the planning process is exciting to me. It’s filled with possibilities and opportunities.

So since I’ve come up with several project ideas, I’ve decided I will focus on roughly one a month for the next few months. The projects include: researching a business idea, planning a new kitchen, writing a book, organizing a traveling project, and working on taking advantage of the travel information I received in the “travel for almost free” class I recently took. These projects should keep me busy for a long time to come.
I am excited and grateful for that.

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Early Mornings are Great for Planning the Day

I love early mornings because they are quiet and slow. Sunday mornings are the best, but waking up early on a weekday is fantastic because it gives me time to plan my day without feeling rushed.

There’s something about taking the time to plan my day (as opposed to just getting up and rushing into it) that is delicious. I think I have a better day because I know what I want to focus on and accomplish. Here’s to a great day.

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I Need a Fun Project to Get Excited about Life Again

I feel like a need a project. This happens when I feel bored. I’m not exactly sure why I am bored; I have plenty to do I just don’t feel like doing it all. I have a good job, I’m working on a doctorate program, I’ve taken some lifelong learning classes this summer and yet….there’s this sense of having nothing fun to do.

I have to admit that part of me has been tired lately and I think it might be the extreme heat we are having in Utah right now. It doesn’t make people want to do anything. Every Fall, I start to feel invigorated again. But that’s two months off, and I want to be excited about life again.

I have some ideas in mind for my project and I’m not sure exactly which one I will tackle, but it feels so good to even get excited about something again. The last few months have been rough. This week, I told a friend about an idea I had and I told it in such extreme detail and determination that she responded with: “I’m listening to this book on CD right now and you are reminding me of it. It’s called “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.” She said I was being a badass.

This made me laugh. This book was written in 2013 and yet my library has a long list of holds on the book and the book on CD (this typically only happens on new releases). The book is # 8 on Wow. And it was written four years ago. There must be something there. So I ordered it and started listening to it yesterday. It’s funny and yet brutally honest. But it has gotten me to think about life and what I want to with it, and that’s a good thing.

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Being Productive Doesn’t have to be Exhausting

John Mellencamp was on CBS Sunday morning this morning and he spoke about his daily activities of writing music and painting. He, like most of us doesn’t want to waste a day. He is currently 65 and has been fortunate enough to write and sing his songs. He said that he, “Only has so many summers left, I don’t want to waste them getting old.”

He said, “I want to learn something new everyday. I want to do something everyday.” I agree.

I think most of us feel this way. Even if we don’t do or learn something everyday. I am not a fan of wasted days, but I feel like I have quite a few of them. I guess that is life. I feel like when I am extremely productive, I am also slightly exhausted and need a break. It doesn’t seem to matter if I am physically or mentally productive. It’s a matter of focusing on something.

Perhaps when I am focusing on something that I am truly passionate about, it is productive and invigorating. Maybe that is the trick. It is clear that for Mellencamp, his life has been just that.

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Sometimes it’s OK to Feel a Little Down

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little weird. Since I’ve been juicing (and eating healthier food) I’ve felt a sense of calm that is almost too much. I didn’t think that was possible, but it is so calm that it freaks me out a little and then obviously I’m not calm. It could be that I have low blood pressure anyway and too calm isn’t healthy. The other part of this is that I hurt my knee a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to get some good cardio in so I feel a little blah without that endorphin high. I need to find a good balance, but that has been difficult. It’s a matter of trying things to see if it helps, and then trying something else.

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s temporary. A friend said yesterday that I’ve had years and decades of being up and feeling a good and a few weeks with the opposite should do me good, but it doesn’t feel that way. I hope to be back to normal soon.

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Juicing Does a Body Good

I’ve been juicing lately and not only does it taste great, it seems to bring an overall sense of calm to me. There’s something about watching each colorful vegetable and fruit go into the machine and come out as a juice. I’ve watched several juicing documentaries on Netflix and it has recharged my focus for juicing.

For years, I had a Jack LaLanne juicer that didn’t have a lot of horsepower and it did the job alright, but wasn’t really very powerful. I could only juice a certain amount and then I’d have to clean the machine and continue on. This new juicer has 850 horsepower (so to speak) and can juice whole apples or lemons with the peel on. It’s fantastic.

I also recently found out that the waste from the fruit and veggies can also be thrown into our yard waste bin. We don’t have a compost pile so this is nice. The photos above show the amount juiced for one day, and the yard waste and pulp.

The thing I didn’t anticipate about juicing was a sense of calm I get from feeding my body what it needs. My shoulders feel more relaxed and I feel alert and good. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

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