Men and Women Differences are Kind of Funny

So because we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel, I’m noticing some very interesting differences between men and women. Some of these things are downright funny, while others are merely amusing/annoying.

First, men seem to see it as a right of passage if they go to Home Depot several times a day as they are working on a project. When I ask if we should just get everything we need now during this first trip, they look at me as though I’ve completely lost my mind.

They say, “how do you know everything we will need until we actually start the project” I say: “Well, I haven’t done this particular project before but I have painted several rooms/projects and I know what I need as a result of that. Don’t you know what you’ve used in the past?” Again, the response look I get is that I must be crazy.

Later, when they say I went to Home Depot today four times there is such pride on their face because apparently Home Depot is the place to be. Really? If I had to go to the same place four times in a day…I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I’d be embarrassed that my planning and list making abilities are broken.

Second, I put up plastic in the doorway so we can at least attempt to reduce the amount of dust that enters the living room and the rest of the house. At night, we pull these back so we can get in and out of the kitchen quickly. If we forget to pull them down in the morning (God forbid) so does everyone else. Even when they know they have to cut through a wall and dust from the last 50 years comes out of the walls.

Third, there seems to be an inability for men to thrown anything away. Small parts they cut off, the end of a roll of paper towels, a dirty paper towel, etc. I’ve noticed this with my significant other over the years, but it never occurred to me until now that it is more of a man thing. I’m not sure why. I’ve moved the trash cans into the kitchen and that doesn’t seem to change the behavior at all.

Once, Wayne emptied the recycling trash can in our house in the morning and as I moved throughout the day I noticed an empty milk gallon in the fridge (I don’t drink milk), an empty toilet paper roll, empty boxes of items shipped to him, etc. and placed them all in the recycling trash can. Later that day, he said to me: “I can’t believed you filled that up already.” It was filled with all of the things he used but couldn’t bring himself to throw in the recycling. Wow.

As my frustration grows with this project, so does my interest in these male/female issues. I’m beginning to find them fascinating.

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Home Remodeling Projects Consume Life

We are about a month into the kitchen remodel project and most likely have 2-3 weeks left until it is completed. The appliances are being delivered on Thursday and I am looking forward to getting at least somewhat back to normal. Having your appliances in your living room really disrupts life. The dust and dirt that collects in the rest of the house is also distracting.

It’s amazing how much time and energy this type of project takes. In our house, it seems that every available space outside of the kitchen has been consumed by projects for the kitchen or kitchen supplies. We are doing some of the work (painting walls and refinishing cabinets) and have hired a handyman to help with most of it, and professionals are installing most of the major parts.

During this time, it’s amazing to me how badly I want a vacation away from this house. If I get an email about a vacation, I tend to stare at it longly and dream about how great it would be to just go.

A few months ago, I made a comment to one of my friends about how we were going to redo the kitchen and she looked at me with this terrible look on her face and said why? Now I understand her dismay and wish I had heeded it more. I hope that when this entire project is finished that I love my new kitchen, but I’m fairly certain I will not take on another home remodeling project ever again. At least not one in which I am managing.

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Creating a Relaxing Day at the Beach

I wish there was a place locally I could go to relax at the beach. A tropical drink in my hand, a couple of beach chairs in the sand, bright sunlight, and clear blue waters. Something that just makes you feel like you can get away and relax. Without driving 1,000 miles. Somewhere you could go for an hour or two in the middle of the day.

I heard someone say the words beachside resort the other day and it immediately took me there. Then yesterday, someone said we should go relax at the beach. It sounds like heaven.

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Project Management Does Apply to Home Projects

We’ve been working on a kitchen remodel for a few weeks now and the progress has been slow. Wayne and I are in charge of sanding and painting of the cabinets and painting the kitchen walls. We’ve hired a guy to help with most of the work, and then there is professional installation of some bigger projects like the countertop and lighting.

Last week, I created a calendar and shared it with Wayne and the guy who is helping us with the kitchen. No one looked at it. Friday, I sent out an email to these two explaining that I really don’t want this to turn into a project that takes until Thanksgiving to get done. As many people already know, it’s difficult to live with most of your kitchen in your living room. It seems to disrupt your whole life.

Yesterday, both of these guys were going through some of the things on the calendar. I noticed that when one thing doesn’t get done on the calendar it throws off everything else and what they need to do. Then the whole calendar has to be redone and pushed back. For someone who is really good at project management, this should have been more obvious to me, but some how when it’s your own kitchen it becomes confused. But it still applies.

I heard the guy say something like I really don’t want to be the one who holds up this project. This made me laugh because apparently the calendar is at least helping us to know what needs to be done by when. I am just grateful that we all seem to be on the same page now, and things seem to be moving along.

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Improving Life instead of Playing Second Life

There’s an online game called Second Life which had a huge surge many years ago, but still has roughly a million players. I recently read an article about how all of the rabbits are dying in Second Life because the person who sold their food through the game can no longer produce it (because of a lawsuit). So the rabbits have all slowly disappeared. As ridiculous as this sounds, what amazes me more is that people have been paying real money to feed a virtual rabbit.

The game behind Second Life is that you can create your own dream house, your own personality, kids, toys, pets, etc. It’s a Second Life in which you can virtually start over. This game gained national attention several years ago when a real life couple was playing the game and forgot to feed their real life baby and it died. They had been spending every minute they had on creating a Second Life and feeding their virtual baby, while their real life baby was ignored and unfed.

There seems to be an obsession with people creating a new life for themselves, but not necessarily actually taking the steps to do it. They are unhappy and instead of trying to take steps to improve their current circumstances, some people play this game and make their life what they want it to be. I imagine that if these people spend the time (and money) spent in the game on their own lives they could make vast improvements and create the life they want. Education, a new job, or perhaps moving are just a few ways to recreate or improve life.

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Kitchen Remodel and Life Being Turned Upside Down

We started a kitchen remodel a few weeks ago, and estimated 6-8 weeks for the entire process. The fridge and oven have been moved into the living room, and we have food in boxes. It’s been difficult to clean and organize anything over the last few weeks.

It’s amazing how having everything your house disrupted seems to throw off other parts of your life. I feel like nothing is as it should be, and I feel all over the place.

I spent some time cleaning the house today and it feels better, but it still feels disrupted and unorganized. We are roughly half way done with the remodel and I can’t wait until it’s all done. I’m sure it will be nice, but I never would’ve expected that I’d be more excited to get my life back.

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Being an Extra while Filming Yellowstone

Yesterday, I went up to Park City to be an extra in a movie/TV series. It was an absolutely fascinating experience. It’s for a show called Yellowstone, stars Kevin Costner, and it’s supposed to take place in Montana. Apparently, they’re really short on extras and need them desperately. I heard someone say that over 400 people had confirmed for the role that I played which was casino guest, but that only 60 people showed up.

The scene that was filmed was a street fair combined with a Native American dance competition. So many Native Americans came in full costume and were from 1 of 4 native American tribes around the country. One tribe came from as far as South Dakota. It wasn’t exactly filmed the way I thought it would be, it actually felt like we were just watching a competition with the host on the main stage and they didn’t repeat anything they just filmed the whole thing while it took place. They had cameras all over the place including up on a crane.

There were food vendors there that had enough supplies for over 100 people each, and you could go order whatever you wanted and it was free. It included tacos, burgers, salads, cotton candy, popcorn, soda, pretzels, all those things that you would expect a street fair. There were also vendors there who set up their booth and sold their jewelry, Native American blankets, etc. My role was just to walk around, shop, eat something, sit in the stands, watch the show, and cheer on the competitors.

The whole process moved incredibly swiftly at times. I arrived 20 minutes early at a random parking lot and they bussed people to the shooting location. You filled out paperwork, checked in with wardrobe and makeup, ate a really good breakfast, and then waited for couple of hours. Once they begin filming it moved pretty quickly and only took maybe two hours to complete.

They’ve been filming on this movie since August, and it sounds like quite a few people show up whenever they’re filming and have already been in several scenes as extras. All of the crew kept calling it a movie, but online it appears to be a TV show.

The Native American competition itself was fascinating, and at times made me a little teary eyed. The costumes, tradition, and dance was beautiful. For awhile, I sat near one of the set of drums that large men beat and sang while the rest of the competition danced. It was clear that the songs and dancing were not staged, but actually part of their heritage. It was beautiful to watch.

I heard several people say that Kevin Costner was there, but I didn’t see him. I’ve always been curious about how movies are filmed and what the process is, and this was a great experience. It was also a windy, beautiful fall day and it was nice to be outside.

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